Self Love

_Love me_
Valentine’s Day is a key date for many in the February calendar. 
This month I think we should celebrate love for ourselves. With the world of social media taking over, heavily filtered and photoshopped images are flashing through our news feeds subconsciously telling us we are not good enough. The urge to compare and want to ‘fix’ ourselves is a constant for some.
However, presenting ourselves is not purely aesthetic it’s about wellbeing. That inner glow that comes from loving ourselves a little more each day. Letting go of the worry and comparing ourselves to the heavily filtered images we are endlessly subjected to. Making time to do the things that make us feel good. Whether that is getting your hair done, maybe having a facial or taking 5 minutes in the morning to meditate and give yourself a compliment, make time for fitness or learn a new skill.
 The world could be a different place if we all celebrated the things we love about ourselves, leading the way in self love for the next generation. 

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Trend vision journey


Many of my clients have asked about my recent experience taking part in Wella Trend Vision Award this year, so I thought I’d write a little bit about it all.

I am so so pleased to have struck GOLD with WONDERLAND. Nearly 4 years with the team now and I never truly believed I would be able to achieve what I have since joining.

This journey started with an idea, a Thursday night in salon, messing around with my phone and some lighting help from Sophie. To then submit an image from that night and gain a place at Scotland and North East regional finals was incredible. From that moment to subsequently bring home the UK GOLD prize is completely overwhelming(but exciting) It was a brilliant opportunity to share a place with other creative people, network and socially involve myself with the industry on the big stage in London. I am so happy to bring the gold back to Scotland for the first time and the whole journey has been toped off by my work being showcased on the front cover of the industry’s leading magazine. Chuffed!

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have ‘yourself’ a merry little christmas


With christmas fast approaching, everyone is looking for that perfect gift. We sell a lot of special christmas gift packs during the festive season. They come in beautiful boxes, which saves wrapping and generally have ranges of products suitable for everyone.

 The interesting thing is that a lot of these packs work out much better value than buying the products individually. Some you get a whole product free, or more. I started looking at beauty and skincare products too and it seems across the hair and beauty world there is huge deals to be had during the christmas madness. Do a bit of research on your favourite brands and see what they have to offer this christmas and treat yourself or stock up for the year!  

Our favourite for big savings are Davines Oi haircare gift set, (availible in salon) and Elemis pro collagen jewels skincare set (availible online and elemis beauty stores) 

Top tips for getting the most out of your hairdresser

Go with ideas!

Give your stylist as much information as possible. Tear out pictures from magazines, celebrity references, even bring in photos of friends with hair you like! Be descriptive with what you don't want as well as what you do want. These are equally important pieces of information for your hairdresser.

Its good to talk

It's important that you feel comfortable enough to chat with your stylist as communication and building trust will encourage a great relationship with your hairdresser. Don't just think about the haircut you're having right now, but think about the haircut you'll be having in the future. 

Be realistic

Your hairdresser will advise you on what's best for your hair and which styles will suit you, as well as recommending colour that will enhance your features and flatter your skintone. Listen to your stylist! Your hair is a representation of their work and they always want you to look your best! 

The key to shiny hair

 Shine is something that can be bought in the form of a serum or a spray, however we can achieve natural shiny, glossy locks by simply understanding how it works and tweaking our routines! The outer layer of hair is covered in something called the cuticle. Close-up it looks.  like fish scales. The main task when you're blow drying is to close the cuticle down and make it smooth. For example- cold water will close the cuticle down, hence the old saying that a cool rinse will make your hair shiny. 

The truth is so will conditioner, keeping your hair hydrated with treatments will too. Try using the cool shot button on your hairdryer, and always use a nozzle as it directs the airflow directly down the cuticle layer. Ghd stylers are also set at exactly the right temperature to shut down the cuticle and retain moisture. Try eating things like salmon, that are full of fatty acids that are great for glossy locks.

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Sun, sea and strands?

We all love the sun, quite simply we do not see enough of it!! Although sea, sun and hair are not always the best combination. Uv exposure can break down hair proteins causing hair to look dull, feel straw like and weaken hair’s tensile and physical properties. Thicker hair can be more resilient to the Suns Ray's whilst finer hair will suffer more causing frizziness and potentially breakage. To add to it sea and chlorinated pools can also add to dehydrating our locks so make sure you rinse with clear water after a dip!

The best options whilst enjoying the sun are to protect your hair using a hat or try using a uv protector to banish the harmful rays. Keep your hair hydrated in the lead up to your holidays. Try leave in masks and  when in the sun protect it and spritz with sun specific products that have uva/uvb filters.
Wonderland loves the parables free 'SU' suncare range by Davines.

Healthy hair is always in fashion

After summer holidays Dry,dull, dehydrated hair can be reawakened with some simple tweaks to your routine. Did you know the surface of the hair is covered in a cuticle layer? Close-up it looks like fish scales, and if all these scales are sitting up and open the light won't reflect in the same way it would if they were sitting smooth and flat. 

Basically what we need to focus on for shiny hair is shutting that cuticle down so it's as flat as possible and reflects the light again. 

The 3 keys to shinier hair 

1.) a good conditioner. Shampoo opens the cuticle and cleans the hair, conditioner shuts it down and smoothes it. Always invest in a good quality conditioner.

2.) cold water rinse. Hot water opens the cuticle and is great for washing , try cooling it down a little after conditioning to close the cuticle down and increase shine.

3.) blow dry your hair with hot air- go over it afterwards with cools air which will not only close the cuticle further making It shiny, but it will set the hair holding your style for longer 

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Post holiday hair remedies

After the summer sun has faded, has your hair too?

Sun and hair are not always the best combination. Uv exposure can break down hair proteins causing hair to look dull, feel straw like and weaken hair’s tensile and physical properties. Thicker hair can be more resilient to the suns ray's whilst finer hair will suffer more causing frizziness and potentially breakage. 

The best time to refresh your colour is after a holiday. Opt for a semi-permanent gloss to restore vibrancy and shine. Keep your scalp hydrated by drinking plenty of water and restore moisture levels with leave-in masks. If you haven't already, ask your stylist to add Olaplex to your colour which works by holding the bonds that are normally broken with chemical process and putting them back in place.

Upgrade your shampoo routine to something more moisturising immediately after a sunny break, Wonderland loves the Davines ultra moisturising OI range

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Products working with life choices.

There is a big demand on products to fit our lifestyle and choices. The beauty industry has recognised and delivered us some amazing products with no compromise. You can now fit a treatment regime into a hectic schedule and fitting your lifestyle choices.

I looked around for the best products to fit all needs. 

 At Wonderland we stock Davines, a brand that has true care for the world we live in. An ethical background to all they do and within the range a vegan friendly range and an organic range, also a lanolin free range with labels detailing which farm the key ingredients came from. Peace of mind for people who want to know exactly where their products are coming from or have sensitivity to lanolin.

if quickness and efficiency is what your looking for, ghd ‘split end therapy’ is a treatment that is blowdried in and smoothed over with stylers to seal the treatment in, therefore not adding any time to your daily routine. The result is super shiny, glossy hair with ends that feel smooth and nourished.

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Should we follow the rules??

As we move towards the new year we start to feel the urge for change and every year I find myself chatting to clients that worry they shouldn’t wear their hair a certain length when they reach a certain age or that their hair colour is ‘too young’ for them and I’ve been thinking about this for a while. I truly believe that the sexiest thing about a person is confidence.

So for example if i have a client who is in her 70s but her hair is long should i suggest to cut it off to ‘follow the rules’? I actually don’t think so. I think we should embrace the things that make us feel good about ourselves. Its about time we own our style and although i will always recommend to work a style that is suitable, flattering and well done i need to take in to consideration personality and what makes that person feel confident. Don’t cut your hair short because you’ve reached a certain age and thats what the world tells you to do. Cut your hair short because you want to and because it will make you feel more stylish and more confident. The same goes for colour, a good stylist will always recommend things to suit your skin tone and your hair type but should always keep in mind the maintenance of a colour making it work with your lifestyle and most importantly your personality. If you feel confident it can change how you hold yourself and how your mood is day to day.  

I suppose what I’m saying is don’t let ‘the rules’ take away your sparkle, embrace your style and do what makes you feel your best.