Healthy hair is always in fashion

After summer holidays Dry,dull, dehydrated hair can be reawakened with some simple tweaks to your routine. Did you know the surface of the hair is covered in a cuticle layer? Close-up it looks like fish scales, and if all these scales are sitting up and open the light won't reflect in the same way it would if they were sitting smooth and flat. 

Basically what we need to focus on for shiny hair is shutting that cuticle down so it's as flat as possible and reflects the light again. 

The 3 keys to shinier hair 

1.) a good conditioner. Shampoo opens the cuticle and cleans the hair, conditioner shuts it down and smoothes it. Always invest in a good quality conditioner.

2.) cold water rinse. Hot water opens the cuticle and is great for washing , try cooling it down a little after conditioning to close the cuticle down and increase shine.

3.) blow dry your hair with hot air- go over it afterwards with cools air which will not only close the cuticle further making It shiny, but it will set the hair holding your style for longer 

healthy hair.jpg