Products working with life choices.

There is a big demand on products to fit our lifestyle and choices. The beauty industry has recognised and delivered us some amazing products with no compromise. You can now fit a treatment regime into a hectic schedule and fitting your lifestyle choices.

I looked around for the best products to fit all needs. 

 At Wonderland we stock Davines, a brand that has true care for the world we live in. An ethical background to all they do and within the range a vegan friendly range and an organic range, also a lanolin free range with labels detailing which farm the key ingredients came from. Peace of mind for people who want to know exactly where their products are coming from or have sensitivity to lanolin.

if quickness and efficiency is what your looking for, ghd ‘split end therapy’ is a treatment that is blowdried in and smoothed over with stylers to seal the treatment in, therefore not adding any time to your daily routine. The result is super shiny, glossy hair with ends that feel smooth and nourished.

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