Should we follow the rules??

As we move towards the new year we start to feel the urge for change and every year I find myself chatting to clients that worry they shouldn’t wear their hair a certain length when they reach a certain age or that their hair colour is ‘too young’ for them and I’ve been thinking about this for a while. I truly believe that the sexiest thing about a person is confidence.

So for example if i have a client who is in her 70s but her hair is long should i suggest to cut it off to ‘follow the rules’? I actually don’t think so. I think we should embrace the things that make us feel good about ourselves. Its about time we own our style and although i will always recommend to work a style that is suitable, flattering and well done i need to take in to consideration personality and what makes that person feel confident. Don’t cut your hair short because you’ve reached a certain age and thats what the world tells you to do. Cut your hair short because you want to and because it will make you feel more stylish and more confident. The same goes for colour, a good stylist will always recommend things to suit your skin tone and your hair type but should always keep in mind the maintenance of a colour making it work with your lifestyle and most importantly your personality. If you feel confident it can change how you hold yourself and how your mood is day to day.  

I suppose what I’m saying is don’t let ‘the rules’ take away your sparkle, embrace your style and do what makes you feel your best.