Straighteners. What's the damage?

Ok so most of us use straightening irons in one form or another, but what's the low down on heat? First of all don't be scared to use these tools! They are designed to make life easier for us and with technology improving all the time, the effect of heat on hair is minimal if used correctly. if you want to minimise damage then firstly dry your hair using a heat protecting product, lots of blow dry balms have heat protection built in so it's ideal to protect your hair from the hairdryer also. Secondly make sure your hair is completely dry before using a heated tong or straightener. You can mist an extra layer of heat protection before working through your hair section by section. Your straightener should be between 185 and 195 degrees. Definitely no hotter, and any cooler will be pointless. (Ghd's are still the best on the market *in my opinion) This is the optimum temperature to straighten, curl or bend the hair and will leave it glossy and with minimal damage.