The key to shiny hair

 Shine is something that can be bought in the form of a serum or a spray, however we can achieve natural shiny, glossy locks by simply understanding how it works and tweaking our routines! The outer layer of hair is covered in something called the cuticle. Close-up it looks.  like fish scales. The main task when you're blow drying is to close the cuticle down and make it smooth. For example- cold water will close the cuticle down, hence the old saying that a cool rinse will make your hair shiny. 

The truth is so will conditioner, keeping your hair hydrated with treatments will too. Try using the cool shot button on your hairdryer, and always use a nozzle as it directs the airflow directly down the cuticle layer. Ghd stylers are also set at exactly the right temperature to shut down the cuticle and retain moisture. Try eating things like salmon, that are full of fatty acids that are great for glossy locks.

key to shine.jpg