Self Love

_Love me_
Valentine’s Day is a key date for many in the February calendar. 
This month I think we should celebrate love for ourselves. With the world of social media taking over, heavily filtered and photoshopped images are flashing through our news feeds subconsciously telling us we are not good enough. The urge to compare and want to ‘fix’ ourselves is a constant for some.
However, presenting ourselves is not purely aesthetic it’s about wellbeing. That inner glow that comes from loving ourselves a little more each day. Letting go of the worry and comparing ourselves to the heavily filtered images we are endlessly subjected to. Making time to do the things that make us feel good. Whether that is getting your hair done, maybe having a facial or taking 5 minutes in the morning to meditate and give yourself a compliment, make time for fitness or learn a new skill.
 The world could be a different place if we all celebrated the things we love about ourselves, leading the way in self love for the next generation. 

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