Pro Hair Live 2019 Manchester

On Monday 25th February the Wonderland Art Team ( W.H.A.T) were asked to present our work on the Fellowship Stage at ProHair Live in Manchester! We were honoured to be asked for a second year to showcase our latest collection. As an Art Team we take time out at the beginning of the year to discuss plans for the year ahead and brainstorm ideas, trends what has caught our eye on the catwalk or in general things we like! We are really lucky because we all have an eye for the same aesthetic which as a team works well!

Our collection is called ‘The Digital Sisterhood’ which is spilt in to two feelings one being more natural and authentic, the girl who is naturally artistic and more free with styling but everything is pure and organic. Then the girl who is the opposite to this completely in the way she wants to be noticed and create a trend and will go out her way to stand out! But what these girls have in common is they both use social media as a platform to showcase there individuality

The feeling for our collection is gender proud and what it means to be a woman and how technology and social media have taken over as a place to express our individuality but also to follow trends and fashion. We took inspiration from Alexander Mcqueen’s SS19 collection keeping the hair head hugging, feminine but strong! And also from Louis Vuitton SS19 collection, where they are dressing women to empower them asking the question does it give them strength? Is it powerful? 

Screenshot 2019-03-08 at 13.30.38.png