Tackling the new year

New year, new you?? 

As we start a fresh new season we tend to feel the need to spring clean, detox and update our wardrobes. But what about hair and make up? We see a lot of people come to the salon looking to make big changes come January but sometimes all we need is a fresh approach to our hair rather than changing it just because we feel the urge for something new. 

When you visit your stylist really try and get the most from their expertise. Ask about the different ways you can wear your style, how versatile is it? a good stylist will talk you through the best ways to blow-dry your hair and give you ideas for easy updos and what staples you need in your 'beauty wardrobe'  Big on the catwalk for spring 2018 is low slung simplistic buns, midi pony tails and really beautiful paired back blow dries. Less is definitely more this season.  Ask what colours suit your skin tone, this will give you make up ideas and wardrobe ideas too. 

Your stylist is a wealth of knowledge so get the most from your appointment and ask all the questions. You will leave feeling inspired and ready to update your style! 


Eat your way to better hair!

Eat your way to better hair


Hair loss is a topic that comes up every day in salon life. Most people shed on average 50-100 hairs a day, but how do we build this back up? 

There's many different remedies, shampoos and supplements on the market. Its confusing. My opinion is that the fundamental key is to start with diet. There is a strong link between a nutritious diet and healthy hair. 

Protein and zinc are the most important. They helps to replace the hairs that naturally shed and rebuild the hair. Your hair cells, as well as the cells throughout your body need a balance of proteins, complex carbohydrates, iron, zinc, vitamins and minerals. Chicken or beef is great, or reach for quinoa as a veggie option. 

Eggs are also packed with a B vitamin called biotin. This helps encourage the hair to grow and strengthens it.

Ignoring trends and fads, healthy beautiful hair will always be in fashion.


Sophie Laidlaw - Director @wonderland