Should we follow the rules??

As we move towards the new year we start to feel the urge for change and every year I find myself chatting to clients that worry they shouldn’t wear their hair a certain length when they reach a certain age or that their hair colour is ‘too young’ for them and I’ve been thinking about this for a while. I truly believe that the sexiest thing about a person is confidence.

So for example if i have a client who is in her 70s but her hair is long should i suggest to cut it off to ‘follow the rules’? I actually don’t think so. I think we should embrace the things that make us feel good about ourselves. Its about time we own our style and although i will always recommend to work a style that is suitable, flattering and well done i need to take in to consideration personality and what makes that person feel confident. Don’t cut your hair short because you’ve reached a certain age and thats what the world tells you to do. Cut your hair short because you want to and because it will make you feel more stylish and more confident. The same goes for colour, a good stylist will always recommend things to suit your skin tone and your hair type but should always keep in mind the maintenance of a colour making it work with your lifestyle and most importantly your personality. If you feel confident it can change how you hold yourself and how your mood is day to day.  

I suppose what I’m saying is don’t let ‘the rules’ take away your sparkle, embrace your style and do what makes you feel your best.


Make a change


As we start a fresh new season we tend to feel the need to spring clean, detox and update our wardrobes. But what about hair and make up? We see a lot of people come to the salon looking to make big changes come January but sometimes all we need is a fresh approach to our hair rather than changing it just because we feel the urge for something new. 

When you visit your stylist really try and get the most from their expertise. Ask about the different ways you can wear your style, how versatile is it? a good stylist will talk you through the best ways to blow-dry your hair and give you ideas for easy updos and what staples you need in your 'beauty wardrobe'  Big on the catwalk for spring 2018 is low slung simplistic buns, midi pony tails and really beautiful paired back blow dries. Less is deffinately more this season.  Ask what colours suit your skin tone, this will give you make up ideas and wardrobe ideas too. 

Your stylist is a wealth of knowledge so get the most from your appointment and ask all the questions. You will leave feeling inspired and ready to update your style! 


Do you detox?


We're all full of detox rituals come the start of the year, but do you think to detox your scalp? First of all why is it a good thing? Well in order to grow healthy hair we must keep our scalp in tip top condition. It's an extension of your face and common issues like blocked pores, deadskin , product, sebum and toxins can build up so a detox once a month is a great idea to add to your beauty ritual. You can DIY it and make your own mask , check out for some ideas or try out Davines wake up circle recovery & purity masks or Davines naturaltech detoxifying exfoliation shampoo as an easier and less messy option! 


Make it easy

A lot of clients ask me about managing their hair at home. Are lots of expensive products neccesary? How many brushes?

 My answer is keep it simple, find one good product that does it all. Something ideally with hold, volume, shine and heat protection. I recommend asking your hairdresser the best brush to suit you. I like to use a paddle brush on longer hair and finish with a ceramic round brush. This will add velvety shine, smooth the ends and close down the cuticle of your hair. One of the most important factors of a good blowdry is using a nozzle on your hair dryer. This genuis addition will make your life easier as it directs the airflow. So many people don't use it, and although it's great for a quick blast off without a nozzle, it can make hair very difficult to actually style. 

 The direction of airflow is so important so when it's concentrated at the root pointing upwards it will add volume and lift, pointing downwards it will add shine and again close the cuticle. A good hairdryer is also essential and worth spending money on. The ghd air is a firm favourite for fine to normal hair. Alternatively if you have a head of thick, unruly hair the babyliss pro Italia brava has a turbo mode that will actually change your life.

Keeping it real

After focusing on the best way to use your hairdryer in my last column I want to share with you the best ways to go hairdryer free! 

If you don't like your natural texture, or you think it's too frizzy or not wavy enough here's some tips that will help you get beachy waves. 

Firstly your hair needs moisture. Use an intensive moisture treatment once a week, or coconut oil can also work wonders for moisture. 

When leaving your hair to dry, give it the best chance of longevity. After washing rake through your hair with a wide tooth comb, smooth a little oil down the shaft of the hair and a product with a light hold. 

If your hair doesn't curl enough for your liking shake your head a little to cause natural sections of hair to divide and twist these small sections lightly, always working down the hair shaft. 

The key to keeping it smooth is now to leave it! Don't touch and DO NOT SCRUNCH! when you

scrunch the hair you go against the cuticle causing friction and therefore frizz! The less touching the less fuzz! 

many people think these waves are for long hair, I really love this on shorter styles like shaggy crops and chin length bobs. Easy hair is always a winner 

Keep it Fresh 

Dealing get with colour fadeage can come down to many different factors. So basically the healthier your hair is, the longer your colour will look bright and hold its tone. It's all about closing down the cuticle of the hair to lock those colour molecules in. Treatments, conditioners and heat protection are all vital combating fade. The main point is to keep your hair hydrated. There's fantastic colour shampoos and conditioners which contain colour molecules to keep the colour bright, or in the case of blondes- keep them ashy and prevent 'brassiness'  although it's important to understand that these aren't ideal for everyday use. Try alternating with a super moisturising conditioner and treatment to keep the hydration levels up and ensure great heat protection to retain moisture. Also make sure to protect if exposing it to the sun this summer, choose uva/uvb protective sprays to prevent the colour becoming bleached and faded. Summer sun can really reek havoc on condition, particularly on finer hair so make sure it's kept tip top with a great shampoo regime and make sure to drink plenty of water. 

Straighteners. What's the damage?

Ok so most of us use straightening irons in one form or another, but what's the low down on heat? First of all don't be scared to use these tools! They are designed to make life easier for us and with technology improving all the time, the effect of heat on hair is minimal if used correctly. if you want to minimise damage then firstly dry your hair using a heat protecting product, lots of blow dry balms have heat protection built in so it's ideal to protect your hair from the hairdryer also. Secondly make sure your hair is completely dry before using a heated tong or straightener. You can mist an extra layer of heat protection before working through your hair section by section. Your straightener should be between 185 and 195 degrees. Definitely no hotter, and any cooler will be pointless. (Ghd's are still the best on the market *in my opinion) This is the optimum temperature to straighten, curl or bend the hair and will leave it glossy and with minimal damage.  

The new wave

The new wave

 For me sexy hair is hair thats not too ‘done’. It has a natural finish. Unfortunately for most of us that means frizz or flatness. I've been working on a technique to banish those problems .Firstly- an  excellent cut. If your hair is fine opt for blunt one length locks and if its thick then opt for a razor cut or work with a few layers to release weight, adding movement. Make it cool by working with a jaw skimming length. When styling add volume by drying the hair upside down using your fingers. When hair is completely dry use a straightener to pick out random pieces and rotate the styler downwards away from the face to retain the length but create a mid-kink. Afterwards shake it out and finish with a dry shampoo to give a dusty finish as opposed to anything overly shiny or polished. The key to creating the ‘ i just woke up like this’ vibe!

Top tips for consultation

Top tips for getting the most out of your hairdresser


Go with ideas!

Give your stylist as much information as possible. Tear out pictures from magazines, celebrity references, even bring in photos of friends with hair you like! Be descriptive with what you don't want as well as what you do want. These are equally important pieces of information for your hairdresser.


Its good to talk


It's important that you feel comfortable enough to chat with your stylist as communication and building trust will encourage a great relationship with your hairdresser. Don't just think about the haircut you're having right now, but think about the haircut you'll be having in the future. 


Be realistic

Your hairdresser will advise you on what's best for your hair and which styles will suit you, as well as recommending colour that will enhance your features and flatter your skintone. Listen to your stylist! Your hair is a representation of their work and they always want you to look your best!

In the sun

Sun, sea and strands?


We all love the sun, quite simply we do not see enough of it!! Although sea, sun and hair are not always the best combination. Uv exposure can break down hair proteins causing hair to look dull, feel straw like and weaken hair’s tensile and physical properties. Thicker hair can be more resilient to the Suns Ray's whilst finer hair will suffer more causing frizziness and potentially breakage. To add to it sea and chlorinated pools can also add to dehydrating our locks so make sure you rinse with clear water after a dip!


The best options whilst enjoying the sun are to protect your hair using a hat or try using a uv protector to banish the harmful rays. Keep your hair hydrated in the lead up to your holidays. Try leave in masks and  when in the sun protect it and spritz with sun specific products that have uva/uvb filters.

Wonderland loves the parables free 'SU' suncare range by Davines.